A petition calling for a pedestrian crossing on a busy road has been given added weight after a young child was struck by a car within days of it being launched.

Yamini Franzini is calling for a crossing on Leopold Road, Wimbledon.

Just two days after it was launched, her neighbour six-year-old Simran Saraon was crossing at the junction with Dora Road to get to school with her mother Suneet when she collided with a car, getting stuck under its tyre.

She was treated by paramedics and the police were called although no action was taken against the driver of the red Toyota Prius.

The youngster had bruising to her foot and now refuses to walk to school.

Mother Suneet Saraon, said: "We were waiting to cross the street and the traffic had stopped on one side and on the other side there wasn’t any.

"Everyone is always nervous about that road, it is a curve and cars come down at high speed and brake at the last minute."

Mrs Saraon said her daughter fell into the road when she collided with the car and they had to ask the driver to reverse to release the youngster’s foot from under the car.

Mrs Saraon had the signed petition in her bag when the incident happened on Monday, at about 8am.

Mrs Franzini, and her husband Nick are collecting signatures from people living and working in the area in a bid to get Merton Council to act.

Mrs Franzini said: "People are always complaining about how difficult it is to cross the road. "There’s nowhere safe to cross at the lower end.

"It’s so risky trying to cross the road without dying."

The petition is supported by the Leopold Road Traders Association, who worked with Merton Council to introduce traffic calming measures a couple of years ago.

Member Katja Nuutinen said: "People come from Gap Road and speed along the road. "There were so many reasons why we couldn’t put a crossing in. We exhausted every single option.

"I am happy for someone else to try."

So far the petition has attracted about 65 signatures. To see it, click here or visit shops in Leopold Road.