A Wimbledon woman who founded an international charity to help give people worldwide access to clean water is going to Uganda to visit the charity’s projects.

Fiona Jeffery OBE, who has lived in the area for 25 years, set up Just a Drop in 1998 to improve the lives of women and children across the globe.

Having easily available clean water can create enormous differences to people’s quality of life, Mrs Jeffery, of The Drive, said.

The annual visit with an engineer from the charity to rural communities, schools and orphanages across the country will take place from Monday, March 24 to Sunday, March 30.

They will visit three or four of Just a Drop’s projects, including bore holes and water pumps.

Mrs Jeffery will work with the charity’s local partners to ensure the projects are well maintained and will continue to have a positive impact on the local community.

Mrs Jeffery, who is the founder and chairperson, said: “It’s not just going in there, doing a job, and walking out again.

“If you go into a community that doesn’t have clean water, and one that does, the difference is enormous.

“In the community without water, the children are listless, they don’t want to play, and they have no energy.

“When there is clean water, they are livelier and can play and learn more easily.”

To find out more about Just a Drop, or to donate to the charity, visit the website.