Dolphins and a large orange octopus are the newest members to join Pollards Hill library.

Freelance artist Jenny Leonard painted a bright and colourful underwater landscape onto the children section’s walls of the Merton library.

Finished on Wednesday, March 12, bringing the snapshot of the ocean to Pollards Hill took Ms Leonard around 40 hours over three days to complete.

Previously involved in murals and art community projects in her work with charity The Challenge, Ms Leonard is keen to create public art.

She said: "I like to take art out of the gallery."

Noting that the windows look like portholes, she decided to create an underwater themed mural.

In order to make it as bright, colourful and imaginative as possible, visiting children to the library were able to make suggestions as to what she should paint.

Eric the crab and more dolphins were requested by youngsters, along with fish of all sizes and colours that added to the growing under-the-sea scene.

Painting the creatures live, children could watch and see their suggestions come to life.

Ms Leonard said: "I’d turn around and they'd have lined up all of the chairs from the IT room."

Ms Leonard said there is a secret she left in the mural by the painted treasure chest, a locket with a painting of her, something for visitors to try and spot.