A baby boy born three months premature who survived thanks to the support of a neonatal charity inspired supermarket staff to raise £2,000.

Sainsbury's staff at the Tooting store adopted First Touch, a charity which supports sick and premature babies at St George's Hospital, as their chosen charity last September.

Hugh Hunter, 21-months-old, who spent ten months in the hospital's neonatal unit and survived several health scares, attended a cheque presentation at the store yesterday morning.

Thanks to the aid of doctors, nurses and First Touch, Hugh is now able to live at home, supported by a ventilator.

Hugh's parents, Ian and Louise, have a special link with Sainsbury's as they both worked part-time in the same branch of the supermarket when they met, 15 years before Hugh was born.

Mr Hunter said: "Louise sold lottery tickets while I filled the shelves with fresh food.

"Sainsbury's is therefore partly responsible for our relationship and Hugh's birth, so we are thrilled that the Tooting store has chosen to support First Touch, the charity that has helped him so much."

A photo of Hugh printed on a banner has been on display at the store since last September.

First Touch plan to use the money to refurbish parents' areas at the neonatal unit.