A 19-year-old girl saw her life flash before her eyes when a lorry rammed into her car door as it whizzed through a busy junction.

Sophie Beattie, a sales assistant from the Mole Valley, was driving to work at 8.15am on Wednesday, February 26, when the terrifying collision occurred.

Miss Beattie had stopped at the crossroads on Bushey Road, waiting for a green signal to turn left onto Grand Drive towards Raynes Park station when her black Suzuki Swift Sport was hit by a Luton van-sized unmarked white lorry.

She said: "The car was six months old and it was my pride and joy. I bought it in September last year.

"I was waiting to turn left and the lorry was turning straight on and he hit the side of my car. I carried on going around the corner and parked the car to see what kind of state my car was in.

"I waited to check the car was safe and I was safe but by the time I came round the corner, turned around in the road and went back the lorry had gone."

Miss Beattie, who was alone in the car at the time, escaped unharmed.

Police said the collision was reported at 8.49am but did not attend the scene.

The shocked driver is calling for anyone who saw the incident to get in touch with any information about the lorry.

Facing a hefty insurance claim, mechanics have advised Miss Beattie her treasured car will need a new front door, wing mirror and spray of paint on one side.

She has been forced to pay for a hire car to get to work while repairs are carried out.

Did you witness the incident? Please contact newsdesk on 0208 722 6335