Police are on the hunt for a suspect after a shooting incident in Mitcham early this morning.

Residents were woken to the sound of a loud bang and slamming doors at about 5.30am after a firearm went off in Gedge Court estate.

Police were called to flat six in the London Road estate at 5.40am after a neighbour reported a shot had been fired.

But by the time they arrived, the suspect had already fled the scene.

The door of number six had been bashed in and its glass panes were shattered.

Police cordoned off entry to the row of ground floor flats while investigating, but left shortly before noon.

Steven Johnston, who's cousin lives at number six, said: "I saw my cousin this morning with a police officer."

Mr Johnston, who lives with his wife in a flat above, added: "I know he can defend himself."

Wimbledon Guardian:

Police at the crime scene in London Road 

There were no injuries and enquiries are ongoing.

Neighbours said two men, both unemployed and in their thirties, live at the address.

A woman who lives in a flat above, said: "I heard a noise this morning and I thought I was just hearing a big bang.

"We're talking Mitcham here so it's nothing new. I don't want to be living here if there's shooting on my doorstep."

Yasmin Sami, who lives at number 26 with her husband and two young children, said: "We didn't hear anything, we were sleeping.

"Police often come here and some young boys keep drinking here and near the lift."