A "rat-run" is set to undergo major work to slow down and restrict traffic.

Planning officers will narrow entry points to Quicks Road, South Wimbledon as part of a £158,000 three-phase plan to improve road infrastructure and slow down traffic.

Work is expected to begin on March 3 and end on April 19, restricting vehicular access and limiting parking on the busy through road.

Councillor Andrew Judge, cabinet member for environmental sustainability and regeneration, said: "The purpose of the entry treatments is to emphasise drivers are entering a predominantly residential street, so that the different ambience has an impact in slowing speeds and deterring rat running."

Changes to the road's entry points, at the junctions with Merton Road and Haydons Road, will include widening the pavement, planting trees and marking pedestrian crossings.

The plans are opposed by business owners in the street, who are exasperated after suffering a series of roadworks disruptions over the last three years.

Mark Burrow, partner of Framers in Quicks Road, has led objections to the development, arguing delivery vans won't be able to reach shops without mounting the pavement.

Mr Burrow, who lived in the road for six years, said: "Councillor Judge says he wants to reduce traffic. But the newsagent relies heavily on passing trade, as do the beauticians and deli.

"I have to cross the junction six times a day and I know that a lorry won't be able to get round if a car is waiting at the junction to cross onto Merton Road, where it is left-turn only.

"A van-driver in rush hour when there's a queue of cars waiting to get onto Merton Road and more cars are coming to join is not going to wait and will mount the pavement."

Gary Marshall, chief engineer for the roadworks, said the road entry points, which at 3m in width will still be wider than secondary road guidelines, will allow safe access for delivery vans.


Phase 1, March 3 to 21: Access into Quicks Road via Haydons Road will be significantly limited and the junction will be closed for some periods.

Phase 2, March 24 to April 4: Access into Quicks Road via Merton Road will be significantly limited and the junction will be closed at various times.

Phase 3, April 14 to 19: The entire length of Quicks Road will be resurfaced, with works carried out between 8am and 5pm. Vehicle access will be limited and the road will sometimes be closed. Temporary parking restrictions will be introduced.