Pop legends from the 1980s will headline a summer festival in 2015 if a nostalgic theatre director has his way.

Spandau Ballet, ABC, Bananarama and Rick Astley could all perform in Morden Park in 2015.

But it will only happen once Colour House Theatre director Peter Wallder has secured support from partners, musicians and Merton Council.

Mr Wallder said: "I think there's still a big demand for that music. There is a lot of nostalgia and a lot of people that really identify with it.

"The event will be family-friendly so parents can come along with their kids."

The weekend festival will host around 15,000 people per day with fairground rides, stalls and bars.

Tickets are expected to cost between £30 and £50 if the festival goes ahead.

A spokesperson for Merton Council said: "We have held initial talks with Peter to hear his proposals about holding an event on one of our sites.

"Nothing is confirmed at this stage and if he decides to go ahead with his plans it will be subject to the usual consultation, safety and licensing procedures."

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