A Mitcham art student who made a stained-glass panel for her A-level coursework has had it placed on display at St Paul's Cathedral.

Sylvia Wydra, 19, who graduated from St Mark's Academy last year, was inspired by Christian symbols and her own religious beliefs to make the panel for one of her final year projects.

Miss Wydra, who is now studying graphic design at Middlesex University, said: "After looking through the sketches my teacher said, why don't we call St Paul's? I wanted to laugh. Why would they want a work of mine? Then they said it looked wonderful and they'd love to have it.

"I still can't believe it because it's not something that happens every day and I would never have thought just calling that they would want the work."

The abstract design with a heart and three crosses was inspired by medieval symbols and the crucifixion of Jesus.

Miss Wydra said: "It's the heart of a mountain. Jesus was crucified on a mountain together with two criminals and you can see three crosses and the heart has a crown of thorns around it."

Wimbledon Guardian:

Entitled "Easter Symbols", the work reflects the theme of love, and in particular the love Christians believe Jesus demonstrated when he died for human salvation.

Sylvia's stained glass, for which she was awarded a distinction grade, now hangs on the wall of the Cathedral's schools and families department classroom.

Janet Marshall, from St Paul's Cathedral, said: "Sylvia wanted the stained glass to be somewhere where others would get to see it, enjoy it and explore its symbolism. It's absolutely fantastic that she thought of us and that it's now hanging in our department where hundreds of young people will be able to see it.

"It will act as an ideal resource for us as we work with many school exploring symbolism in Christian art using our many art works in the Cathedral. It also shows students what can be achieved by learning new skills and applying their talents."