A Mitcham school has captured and caged foxes they believe to be a danger to pupils.

St Mark's Academy has contained the foxes on school grounds in preparation to shift them to another location.

Lisa Peterkin, headteacher, said: "We are currently in the process of humanely and legally relocating a small family of foxes recently found living on the school property. This is to prevent any of our students being bitten.

"We will then follow RSPCA guidelines on preventing foxes from returning to the academy by removing their access to food and shelter."

Neighbours have raised concerns about the treatment of the animals.

Petra Jones, who discovered the foxes caged by the basketball court, said: "Me and my neighbours have seen these foxes grow from cubs.

"The school needs to do more to protect their property not kill them."

Andrew Ross, business director at St Mark's Academy, said: "No animal is going to be shot, either at St Mark's, or under our care.

"We are a Church of England school and it is our policy to treat both humans and animals as sympathetically as possible."

The RSPCA said they could not comment on this specific case but said: "Wild animals such as foxes have very complex needs which are difficult to provide for in captive environments such as cages.

"We have received no complaints about foxes kept in cages at this location but urge anyone with any concerns to call us on 03001234 999 with the information so we can look into it and make sure these foxes are OK.

"We also have concerns about the keeping of animals in educational establishments without a clear learning objective and where the welfare of the animal may be compromised."