An independent councillor has lashed out at cyclists who "terrorise pedestrians" by riding on footpaths.

Counciilor Chris Edge, who represents Dundonald ward, said: "A lot of people get concerned about people cycling on footpaths, especially the elderly.

"There's a balance between children cycling on the footpaths which is sensible and practical but at what age should they go on the roads? Roads should be for cyclists.

"I was at the bottom of Hartfield Road the other day with another elderly gentleman when a cyclist came round the corner on the footpath and expected us to get out of the way."

Coun Edge wants Merton police to prevent cyclists riding on footpaths and host cycling proficiency courses for adults.

He said: "People seem to think they have the right of way regardless of what everyone else is doing. I'm not saying motorists aren't also responsible but I've seen cyclists ride on the inside of the road when people are turning left.

"The law is against people cycling on the footpaths unless it is designated as dual."

Merton Council is one of eight London boroughs shortlisted by the Mayor of London to become a "Mini Holland" with a network of cycle routes planned across the borough.

Coun Edge said: "We are not Holland, we haven't built a public area so we have designated cycle tracks on our roads.

"I'm a cyclist myself, but just because they don't feel safe on the roads doesn't mean that they should terrorise pedestrians."