A motorist fined for parking outside her own garage is celebrating after parking officials were made to see sense.

Doctor Jo Lyons, of Parkleigh Road, Wimbledon, was ordered to pay a £55 penalty for parking on a dropped kerb, which officers claimed blocked the entrance to her own and neighbours' garages.

But Merton Council's own photos clearly show the car was not obstructing other garage doors.

Dr Lyons said: "The council appears to have lost sight of the fact that the purpose of the dropped kerb in front of my garage is to enable me to have access to my own property.

"The purpose is not so that the council can make money out of the enforcement."

After a five-week battle involving bringing in help from ward councillor Andrew Judge, consultations with the RAC Foundation and Parliamentary Transport Select Committee, Dr Lyons' fine was cancelled.

The council also confirmed vehicles parked by the drop kerb will no longer be automatically penalised.

Dr Lyons, said: "I do feel angry about this. As an educated person I knew who to contact to get help cancelling this ticket, but the majority of people don't know how to do that."