Charity shop volunteers have unearthed a case for Sherlock Holmes after discovering precious personal items in a secret compartment of a 'Jimmy Choo' handbag.

Julie Proctor, manager of Cancer Research, Wimbledon Village, bought the imitation bag as a present for her daughter.

Wrapped in cellophane, the bag appeared unused.

On closer inspection, Miss Proctor noticed a concealed zip in the inner pocket, opening up a covert compartment under the lining.

Hidden within was a South African child's passport belonging to a Tania Valente Rodrigues, along with gold and silver jewellery inscribed with the girl's name.

The passport expired 18 years ago, when Tania was 15. If alive, she would have just celebrated her 33rd birthday.

Numerous travel stamps in the passport suggest she frequently travelled to Portugal and we suspect she could be there now.

Volunteers do not know who donated the bag.

If you have any information about Tania or the donation, call the newsdesk 0208 722 6335 or e-mail