Merton Council is urging residents and businesses for their views on its draft Sites and Policies Development Plan.

Those wishing to contribute to the final version have until February 27, to send their response to the council.

The document consists of a comprehensive list of potential development sites as part of the council’s plans to strengthen the borough’s long-term prosperity and financial resilience.

The draft includes proposed areas of land and possible uses from the council, other public sector organisations including the NHS, the London Fire Brigade and Transport for London, as well as private businesses and landlords.

Assessing all the proposed sites and their potential uses across the whole borough, as opposed to looking at sites individually, allows the council to ensure responsible and economically-sound development for at least the next decade.

This includes maintaining open green spaces as well as providing sufficient housing and amenities.

Councillor Andrew Judge, cabinet member for environmental sustainability and regeneration said: “We have made amendments to the document reflecting some of the comments people have made in earlier consultations, and this is the last opportunity people will have to comment on its contents before we finalise the document in readiness for full council and the Secretary of State."

The list of sites, policies and land designations and the contact details to respond to the consultation are available at