A sculptor is campaigning to erect a nine foot tall bronze statue of a peace activist in Parliament Square.

Amanda Ward, from Wimbledon, was a friend of Brian Haw who lived for almost ten years in Parliament Square campaigning for peace and protesting against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

He died in June 2011 of lung cancer.

Mrs Ward said: "I just felt that he should be commemorated because of his determination and tenacity.

"He stood there in all weather for 10 years.

"He was harassed by the police and given a very hard time.

"Two million people marched against the war in Iraq and he was the only person who stayed behind.

"There are so many statues that commemorate war heroes but I think we need a statue for a peace keeper.

"If the statue was stood there then it would be a reminder to the politicians that they are accountable to the public."

Of Mr Haw the sculptor said: "I think he visited Cambodia and Northern Ireland and saw the outcome of violence and war and I think that probably spurred him on.

"He was a very passionate man.

"Since he’s died he’s become more iconic in a way because he represents something that the vast majority of the population disagreed with."

The sculptor has already gained support from a number of famous faces who have agreed to help fund and support the project, which is expected to cost around £60,000, including Vanessa Redgrave, Bruce Kent, Tony Benn, Ken Loach, Sir Ian McKellen and Haifa Zangana.

For more information or to make a donation visit statueforbrianhaw.wordpress.com or email brianhawsculpture@gmail.com