A body builder is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders after being crowned Mr Universe.

Christopher Nsubuga, 36, recently returned from Miami clutching the Drug Free Athletes Coalition (DFAC) trophy in the professional male category.

The 6ft 2in, 110kg father-of-two had already scooped the DFAC Pro Universe title in New Jersey in September. After 20 years in training, married Mr Nsubuga, from Morden said he felt in great shape leading up to the event.

He said: "I've been training really hard on a very strict diet, and now it has paid off."

The DFAC has a very stringent drugs policy and aims to develop natural body-building as an art.

Nsubuga, who has trained at Pink's Gym on Carshalton Road for 10 years, said he feels "fat" now he has returned to England.

He said: "I have been eating lots of pizza and a lot of junk since I got back, it's nice to not think about what you are eating for once.

Before the competitions we have to be very disciplined.

An average day would consist of oats and water, unflavoured white potato, 6-8 egg whites, two boiled eggs, followed by some sweet potato, a plain chicken breast or turkey breast, beetroot, cucumber and broccoli - twice a day.

He said: "You have to be careful to avoid salt and sugar, you need to eat things which are slow release for energy, so potato is important."