A bollard blamed for causing a number of cars to flip over has been "reconfigured" by Merton Council.

Last month a Virgin Media van crashed into the bollard in Wimbledon town centre after turning right into Worple Road from Wimbledon Hill Road causing diesel to spill onto the road and traffic jams.

In September a man and woman escaped injury after their car flipped after colliding with the bell bollard.

Sarah Davies, a lettings manager at Haart estate agent, said similar incidents had happened about 8 or 9 times last January and February during dark winter afternoons.

Many have placed the blame squarely on the positioning of the bollard, which is designed to protect pedestrians crossing the junction, while others have said it is the drivers who should take more care.

But after multiple incidents Merton Council has now altered the bollard in a bid to prevent further incidents.

Councillor Stephen Alambritis, leader of Merton Council, said: "Removing the bollard completely would put pedestrians at risk so what we are doing is reconfiguring it so the curb will be doubled in height and there will be better signage for motorists.

"What motorists were doing was hitting the bollard and flipping over which was horrendous.

"Hopefully it won’t happen and drivers will be careful but if they do cut the corner too fast they won’t hit the bollard, they will hit the curb.

"It’s a preventative measure that will also protect residents who cross half way."