Up to 10 police cars were involved in a high-speed pursuit this afternoon with one motorist narrowly avoiding colliding with the speeding driver.

A black BMW was seen racing down St Helier Avenue from Morden at about 5pm followed by a stream of police cars and vans.

The driver was flashing his lights at motorists to force them out of his way narrowly missing one driver returning home from work.

Leanne Lambourne pulled over to avoid hitting the car as it sped past missing her by “millimetres”. She said: “I was driving down St Helier Avenue and a black BMW was coming toward me flashing his lights.

“He must have been going 100mph and I missed him by a millimetre.

“If he hit me and I would have been dead.

“There were untold police following him, I couldn’t even count how many cars there were.

“There were at least 10 cars and meat wagons chasing him from what I saw”.

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