A distraught father whose daughter is believed to have been abducted by her mother, has made an emotional plea to her extended family to help him track her down.

Dr Safraz Khan’s seven-year-old daughter Aamina has been missing since August 2011 after his ex-wife, Humma Fazal Karim Dar, disappeared to Pakistan without a trace.

Ms Dar, was living with her family in Camborne Road, Morden, after she divorced Dr Khan in 2008 following an unsuccessful arranged marriage.

Dr Khan from Ballards Way, Croydon, won a lengthy custody battle in which Ms Dar was allowed to see Aamina three weekends a month.

But, after agreeing to let Aamina visit her mother for a longer period over the summer holiday, they suddenly disappeared and her car was missing.

He said: “I agreed that Humma could see her over the schools holidays because I didn’t want to cause a problem, but when they were late returning I knew something was wrong.

“Straight away I drove to Morden to find out what was going on, but inside I knew my daughter had been taken.

“The last year has been a nightmare and all I can think about getting my daughter back. I need her back.”

Ms Dar, who is known by the Home Office to have travelled to Pakistan via Abu Dhabi, is now wanted by police and Dr Khan believes she fraudulently obtained a Pakistani passport for Aamina without his consent.

Relations have broken down between Dr Khan and Ms Dar’s family after her uncle, Osman Dar, was arrested and remanded in custody in September 2011 by a High Court judge for obstructing the police investigation. He was later released without charge.

But Dr Khan said: “If anyone in her family knows anything, I implore them to help me find my daughter - this is no way for her to grow up, confused and scared to be away from her father in a country like Pakistan.”