Street Fighter X Tekken sees two of gaming's most popular names join forces for one of the most anticipated beat ‘em ups to date.

The Street Fighter series has become the stuff of gaming legend ever since its inception in 1987. Through countless iterations, and one questionable live action movie, Capcom's Street Fighter has become an institution, with characters like Ryu and Ken becoming household names.

Released in 1994 in by Namco, Tekken aimed to emulate the success of Capcom's legendary series, and brought with it a host of similarly memorable characters to arcades and the Sony Playstation.

Although described as having a mix of Tekken and Street Fighter, this game leans heavily to the latter. The visuals are identical to Street Fighter 4's cartoon-like graphics, with the Tekken characters sporting a stylized rework.

Those familiar with street fighter will feel right at home with the controls, which feature the same slide/diagonal punch/kick combinations as all street fighter games.

Gameplay is also faster paced then any Tekken game, and plays just like Street Fighter 4, which is certainly not a bad thing. Players are allowed two characters per match, and are able to tag them at any time , with some more impressive moves allowing both characters to team up to inflict some real pain.

With some of the most famous characters in video game history and arguably the best beat ‘em up mechanics, Street Fighter X Tekken would have already been a good game. However, Capcom have also added the "gem system", a unique way of using different power ups to dictate the flow of play. Although a nice idea, it seems like a confusing, almost needless addition to a game that was already balanced and good to play.

However, for beat ‘em up fans, this game is a must. With arguably the most impressive character line up of any fighting game, along with tried and test game mechanics, Street Fighter X Tekken is an awesome package worth picking up.