Students came up with a memorable way to say goodbye to their old school - by doing a Full Monty.

The boys, aged 17 to 18, are all upper-sixth form pupils at the private Ewell Castle School, in Church Street, Ewell.

They stripped off as a prank on their last day of school before going on study leave for their upcoming exams.

Now the boys plan to produce a 2013 charity calendar, in the style of the Calendar Girls, which will feature each of them for a different month.

On their leaving day, the boys printed a photograph of their revealing send-off on a 10ft by 3ft canvas which they hung on the front of the main school building.

Stephen Bromley, deputy head of the senior school, said: "The school was amused and pleasantly surprised by the initiative, although slightly concerned about the impact on our junior school pupils.

"The boys only received nine out of 10 from their teachers due to the spelling mistake."

George Bell, deputy head boy, said: "We wanted to leave a lasting impression and raise money for a good cause."

Prefect Chris Chipperton added: "It was good it was sunny and not too cold - it gave me a huge sense of achievement."

David Goddard summed up the boys’ antics and said: "I’ll always take my clothes off for a good cause."